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The highest level of functionality and operational safety results from our technical know-how, our ample experience gathered in the manufacturing and assembling of a large number of facilities and the quality-focused selection of suppliers. The operation of a pure steam generator requires reverse osmosis water and a heating medium.


Further features:

  • Compact facilities of almost all dimensions
  • Bespoke planning and manufacturing
  • User-friendly operation
  • Only a few connection points required
  • Installation and start-up upon request
  • Electro-coated instrument panel made of steel with all necessary components (fuses, clamps, relays, switches, indicator lights (Siemens, Moeller), etc.; optionally made of stainless steel or equipped with PLC control system and touch screen for easy start-up and operation
  • Upon request supply of water treatment plants for the generation of reverse osmosis water adapted to the capacity of the pure steam generator



Heating medium:

Operating pressure:

von from 10 to 10.000 kg/h

saturated steam, hot oil, hot water, electricity

generally between 1 to 5 bar