We offer our customers a wide range of bespoke services concerning steam generation facilities and complementary equipment, which are adapted to their wishes and needs.

Feed water degassing system

DK gas removal systems are designed to eliminate undesirable gases like oxygen and carbonic acid from the feed water. Our degassing facilities consist of a cylindrical or a rectangular feed water tank, which can be made of steel or of stainless steel. It features an integrated heating rod for the partial or the complete removal of gas.

Condensate recovery systems

DK condensate recovery facility (RSA) is designed to collect condensate with different oxygen levels. The collected condensate is returned by a pump system into the feed water tank in the boiler house.

Steam container

In the event of a shortage of space or of a forthcoming production transfer, we can provide mobile steam boiler houses accommodated in containers. The compact container houses on smallest space a complete steam generation plant, offering an enormous flexibility and functionality.

Pure steam generators

The highest level of functionality and operational safety results from our technical know-how, our ample experience gathered in the manufacturing and assembling of a large number of facilities and the quality-focused selection of suppliers. The operation of a pure steam generator requires reverse osmosis water and a heating medium.

Water treatment systems

Water softening plants and reverse osmosis systems

Our program includes further technical facilities and equipment for hot water and steam systems.

Here you will find soon a list of our second hand facilities and equipment.

The steam converter produces saturated steam from the ordinary steam of the primary circuit for a secondary steam circuit.

The steam distribution system consists of a distribution duct manufactured in steel or stainless steel according to the calculations and the engineering instructions of the pressure equipment directives.