Our program includes further technical facilities and equipment for hot water and steam systems.

We are intensifying the search of solutions to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency, what is besides increasingly required by the customers.

For the recovery of residual heat we provide plate heat exchangers, finned-tube exchangers and tube bundle exchangers of all performance levels and for any medium.

The heat exchangers can be employed to recover energy, for example, from steam flue pipes, desalination plants and flash steam tubes as well as from hot water and condensate vessels.

Our program includes various solutions for hot water generation.

Our specially treated vessels, boilers with protective coating and stainless steel tanks are available for any purpose and for any use.

Apart from the necessary expansion vessels our range of products includes also membrane expansion vessels for cold, warm and hot water systems.

Steam and hot water cooling systems, steam and water tanks and other receptacles are in our repertory, too. We can cater to almost every use and to any operational conditions.

DK pressure vessels are designed, manufactured and controlled in accordance with the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC and the rules established by the "AD Merkblätter" (manuals of the pressure vessel working group).

The pressure vessels of the categories I, II, III, IV bear the "CE" mark.

Pressure vessels that don’t meet the requirements of the categories I to IV are manufactured according to the good engineering practices and are provided with a declaration of the manufacturer.