DK gas removal systems 1 DK gas removal systems 2

DK gas removal systems are designed to eliminate undesirable gases like oxygen and carbonic acid from the feed water. Our degassing facilities consist of a cylindrical or a rectangular feed water tank, which can be made of steel or of stainless steel. It features an integrated heating rod for the partial or the complete removal of gas.

For the complete degasification the fresh water is sprayed through a lance into the deaerator dome where it is degasified and cascades down a series of trays.

The process is regulated by a connected pressurized heater. The number of nozzles and condenser lances can be chosen freely.

DK pressure vessels are designed, manufactured and controlled in accordance with the pressure device directive 97/23/EC and the rules established by the "AD Merkblätter" (manuals of the pressure vessel working group). The pressure tanks of category I, II, III, IV bear the "CE" mark.

Pressure vessels that don't meet the requirements of the categories I to IV are manufactured according to the good engineering practices and are provided with a declaration of the manufacturer.



  • Tanks made of steel or stainless steel
  • Size from 150 to 30.000 litres (33 to 6600 gallons)
  • The number of nozzles and injection lances can be freely chosen
  • Complete or partial degasification
  • Inspection hatch
  • Touch screen control panel for easy operation
  • Complete installation on a base frame or on a skid
  • Security valves
  • Feed water system
  • Vacuum breaker valve
  • Safety devices
  • Overflow pipe with fittings
  • Insulation with stucco embossed aluminium jacketing; galvanized or stainless steel
  • Designed according to the boiler size and the system
  • Optionally with work platform around the facility
  • Special construction according to the customer's wishes