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Each project, regardless of whether it is a steam boiler house or a mobile steam generation plant, is based on bespoke consulting, design and detailed planning.

We are moreover engineering steam generation systems for manufacturing processes, heat recovery purposes or single facilities. This includes the following services:


  • Analysis and optimization of existing steam generation facilities
  • Elaboration of a detailed execution plan
  • Calculations of economic efficiency
  • Time planning to ensure the timely execution of the project
  • Planning of the entire final installation by our staff
  • Installation monitoring by our employees or by third-party firms
  • Detailed documentation of the facilities
  • Preparation of shipping and customs clearance procedures
  • Preparation of technical controls and of the final inspection


In the planning stage we take into account the specific process requirements of the customer. The execution planning involves moreover the on-site conditions.

The projects are designed, planned and implemented according to the wishes of the customer and in coordination with third-party providers.